Roles & Responsibilities

The following are core responsibilities of the Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations with respect to development of the Tourism and Diaspora sectors:

through coordination of departments and line agencies under the mandate of the Ministry, these include the Belize Tourism Board and the Border Management Agency
Sector Coordination & Integration

build awareness, mainstream activities, and coordinate effort, through the alignment of policy, strategy, and plan and implementation mechanism across key sectors for the sustainable development of tourism and diaspora in Belize

Policy Development

review, enhancement and effective implementation of national and sector-based policy to support the implementation of the NSTMP

Tourism Planning & Resource Mobilization
participatory and evidence based planning of tourism assets, and leveraging and mobilization of capital funds for implementation of NSTMP investment recommendations
Project Execution

lead or coordinate the implementation of capital projects that are aligned with the implementation of the NSTMP

Legal & Regulatory Framework

drafting, review and oversight of implementation of legislative framework for tourism and diaspora

Facilitation of Trade & External Relations

building awareness and regional support for the travel and trade agenda in Belize

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