The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA) is a government entity that provides leadership, strategic direction, good governance and oversight on all matters relating to the development of tourism and civil aviation for and on behalf of the Government of Belize. In this capacity, the Ministry is expected to ensure that tax revenues are being efficiently utilized to support the national development plans/ priorities as determined by the legislature and to enhance transparency and accountability in the overall governance of the sectors it represents.

Minister's Message

It is with great pride and satisfaction that I welcome you to the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation’s Website. Our vibrant and progressive nation has over the years gained global recognition for offering our visitors a unique, intimate, and authentic experience. Belize  offers  to  each  one  of  its  guests  a  Caribbean  vacation  with  a Central  American flare, and our multicultural society of warm, friendly people adds to our distinct charm.

With the Government’s recent endorsement of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan 2030, and with the current development of a National Transportation Master Plan, Tourism  and  Civil  Aviation  are  well  poised  to  achieve  significant  growth,  guided  by  an overall  strategic  framework  for  sustainable  development.  As  such,  the  Ministry  of Tourism and Civil Aviation is dedicated to lead and champion the development of these two sectors, and looks forward to continue partnering with you in the transformation of Belize.

I  invite  you  to  learn  more  about  our  Ministry,  our  industries,  our  programs,  and  look forward to your continued support and interest.

Hon. Jose Manuel Heredia, Jr.

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