To the Belizean Diaspora

I would first like to thank everyone who came out and supported the delegation while on “tour” last week in Houston, Chicago, New York, and Miami. Honorary Council Dennis Johnson, Marie Therese Vernon, Paul Pollard, Aaron and Kim Bowen from Bow’s Taste of Belize in Houston; Honorary Consul Leticia Castellanos in Chicago; Ambassador Carlos Fuller, Ms. Sharleen Henderson, and Mr. Alfonso Gahona from the Permanent Mission of Belize to the UN in New York; Mr. Mark Murphy from MiaCucina and Honorary Consul Janine Sylvestre in Miami, Richard Moody, Ray Gongora, Niall Gillett, Karl Villanueva and Jason Guild, and to everyone else who contributed, thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to make this an extraordinary event.

The primary goal of the tour was to bring the diaspora and the Government of Belize together to have an open dialogue, under one roof, to discuss the issues facing our country and to develop possible strategies as to how the diaspora can become aware and more engaged in the development of Belize. The outpour of love and enthusiasm received from the diaspora far exceeded our expectations. Your enthusiasm and positive spirit helped make our discussions more productive and interesting. I am honored to be a part of a community that expresses such patriotism and pride. The delegation and I were deeply touched by your genuine willingness to serve and support your fellow Belizeans at home.
As the team and I assess our next steps forward, please continue to bring your ideas and suggestions to the Unit and continue to provide feedback on matters of interest. As we continue to work on our objectives, we are also working with the various ministries, departments, and units to communicate your concerns and needs. We recognize that we have work to do to fulfill your expectations.

For those of you who did not make the town hall meetings, we are looking forward to meeting you sooner rather than later. We will be having more town hall meetings throughout the year. Many will be virtual and some in person depending on the pandemic. We are fully aware that the diaspora plays a significant role in helping to transform our country.

I am truly blessed with a team that understands the importance of the diaspora and the significant impact of working together. I have always believed if we work together, we can do great things. Unity is courage, power, and strength!!

I wish you all the best and stay safe.

With a grateful heart,

H.E. Sandhya Murphy
Ambassador for Diaspora Relations