The Department of Civil Aviation is a government department responsible for ensuring safety, promoting and overseeing the development of the aviation industry in Belize.


To promote a safe, efficient and expeditious movement of domestic and international air transportation in Belize through the provisions of proper regulatory procedures in accordance with the air navigation regulations in force and the Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization.


To be a recognized regulatory authority identified for its excellence in the provision of a safe, efficient, and reliable service for the development of civil aviation with the human potential highly qualified and identified so as to respond effectively to its responsibilities.

The Belize Department of Civil Aviation is the regulatory and oversight body in all civil aviation matters in Belize. This Department is headed by the Director of Civil Aviation as established in the Belize Civil Aviation Act. He is responsible for all civil aviation matters in Belize. He also serves as an advisor to the Minister responsible for civil aviation in all matters relating to civil aviation. Not only does he influence policy decisions but is often charged with the responsibility of implementing those policies.

After becoming a Contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation in 1991, Belize is obliged to comply with the Standards and as far as practicable, with the Recommended Practices contained in all nineteen Annexes to the Convention.

The Department is made up of the following technical divisions:

  • Personnel Licensing,
  • Flight Operations,
  • Airworthiness,
  • Aviation Security and Facilitation,
  • Air Transport,
  • Aerodromes,
  • Dangerous Goods,
  • Aircraft Registration,
  • Aircraft Incident and Accident Investigations,
  • Search and Rescue,
  • Air Traffic Services, and
  • Aeronautical Information Services.

The main functions of the Department are to ensure the safety of air navigation and to promote and encourage the orderly and economic development of civil aviation locally, regionally and internationally.



Department of Civil Aviation
Philip Goldson International Airport
Ladyville, Belize
Telephone: 225-2014 or 225-2052
Fax: 225-2533

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