Technical Cooperation Programs

The Support for Implementation of the National Sustainable Tourism Master Plan project was a technical cooperation program between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Belize. The Technical Cooperation focused on governance, partnership development and public and private stakeholder coordination to increase the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation in its ability to effectively coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of the NSTMP in supporting innovative approaches to improve public sector performance of tourism authorities and their partnerships. The project had two components:

Component I: Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building (US$195,000)

This component focused on assessing and improving the institutional, the policy and legal- framework of the MOTCC, as per the recommendations of the Governance Macro-Program of the NSTMP. This component consisted of three subcomponents:

Subcomponent 1: Establishment of the Planning and Project Development Unit (PPDU) within the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation
Subcomponent 2: Institutional Assessment of the MOTCC, as it relates to the capacity and institutional requirements of the NSTMP.
Subcomponent 3: Support Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Policy Development in the Tourism Sector.

Component II: Partnership Development and Stakeholder Coordination for the implementation of NSTMP (US$115,000).

This second component comprised of three subcomponents that had the objective of providing support to the Ministry and its PPDU in execution of its responsibilities and functions under the NSTMP, specifically as it relates to stakeholder engagement; local, regional and multilateral partnership development; resource mobilization; and localized destination planning.

Subcomponent 4: Communication of the NSTMP with Key Local Industry Partners.
Subcomponent 5: Localized Destination Planning with Local Stakeholders.
Subcomponent 6: Promotion of Multilateral, Regional and Private Investment Partnerships.