Hon. Manuel Heredia 
Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation
Email: mheredia@travelbelize.org
Yashin Dujon
Chief Executive Officer
Email: ceo@tourism.gov.bz
Catherine Swan
Email: secretary@tourism.gov.bz
John Reyes
Tourism Officer
Email: john.reyes@tourism.gov.bz
Jonelle Hemmans
Business Development and Investment Officer
Email: jonelle.hemmans@tourism.gov.bz
Merissa Gillett
First Class Clerk
Email: merissa.gillett@tourism.gov.bz
Carla Gillett
Planning and Project Development Officer
Email: carla.gillett@tourism.gov.bz
Albert Avila
Community Liaison Officer, Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project
Email: albert.avila@tourism.gov.bz
Betty Longsworth 
Minister's Secretary
Email: betty@travelbelize.org
Angelica Luna
Administrative Officer
Email: angelica.luna@tourism.gov.bz
Abil Castañeda
Chief Tourism Officer
Email: abil.castaneda@tourism.gov.bz
Eddie Herrera
Tourism Officer
Email: eddie.herrera@tourism.gov.bz
Carroll Azueta
Finance Officer
Email: finance.officer@tourism.gov.bz
Juliet Neal
Planning and Project Development Director
Email: juliet.neal@tourism.gov.bz
John Arana
Urban Heritage Planner, Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project
Email: john.arana@tourism.gov.bz
Teresa Wright
Program Manager, Sustainable Tourism Program II
Email: teresa.wright@tourism.gov.bz