The Tourism Consumption Study 2018 was launched on July, 2018 at the Caribbean Food Crop Society Annual Meeting in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

The aim of the study is to:

  1. To quantify the existing and potential demand of local agriculture products by the hoteliers and restaurateurs in San Pedro.
  2. To assess barriers that inhibit the linkage between agricultural supply and tourism demand
  3. To determine possible interventions to improve the supply of local agricultural products to the tourism industry.

The Tourism Consumption Study Information System is a real-time web based for hotels and other facilities to monitor the consumption patterns of their visitors of local agriculture products. If you’re a participating hotel or restaurant, please click the icon below to access the Tourism Consumption Study Information System.

For further information, kindly contact Leeann Garbutt, Tourism Investment Officer, at

Tourism Consumption Study – San Pedro Visit