The ministry of tourism is a statutory body mandated by the government of Belize to regulate and enforce the policies, approved by the Belize House of Representatives, in order to promote Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, and Cultural Inclusion. The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA) is tasked with planning, developing and implementing of development programs that seek to revitalize the industry. The MTCA Is proud to serve the people of Belize by up keeping the standards of sustainability as a fundamental base of development and also ensuring that Stakeholders are empowered to go green in promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Ministry is tasked with many responsibilities that is taken care of in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Department, Belize Tourism Board, Belize Hotel Association, Belize Tourism Industry Association, Boarder Management, and the Belize Bureau of Standards.

Mission statement

  • To promote sustainable economic growth through responsible tourism development, local engagement & good governance

 Vision statement

  • To see Belize globally recognized for leadership in tourism that promotes cultural identity and environmental resilience.